,its seemed like its was Chelsea all the way.Man,Arsenal,Chelsea,L... is my bet,What do you think?

to finish in that order for premiership


Why am I beginning to hate Man U?

1.Man untd
Man are in a very good form which will take them all the way ,same with liverpool and Arsenal and i see Chelsea will keep sliding

Is it possible to repair a soccer ball that has split at a seam?

not Chelsea!
2-3 Liverpool or Chelsea
4 Arsenal
disappointing game yesterday for man u!!
come on we expect better united!

Danny Guthrie - Liverpool player - any good?

1st man utd
2nd chelsea
3rd liverpool
4th arsenal

Who is the worst player on Man Utd at this time ?

As long as Arsenal qualify for Europe, I'll live with whatever order it is

Does anybody agree that soccer is becoming popular in USA?

its good

Last minute pressure free kick?


Why wasn't Jonathan Dos Santos.?

1. Man U
2. Chelsea
3. Arsenal
4. Liverpool
10. Spuds

Once the Gooners make the top four I could care less who wins it.although 2nd is a possibility.

Between these clubs.. who do you think deserve to get relegated:?

I see MU, chelsea, liverpool, arsenal but anything can change
what a brilliant race!

Michael Ball dived for the penalty against MANCHESTER UNITED, the silly poofter?

I can't dismiss your opinion but what I have to say is that we still have more than 10 games to whereas you may see a change when others will bounce back and others go down.

Francesco totti is soo fresh!!?


Football Managers Wages?

As long as Arsenal finish inthe top 4 im happy! but i think Arsenal have a good chance of finishing 2 if we play good for the rest of the season, theres still 46 points to play for, so anythig can happen!

Did peter crouch win the man of the match award against arsenal?

tbh.. i don't really think Liverpool are in it with a top four spot.
Man U
Everton << especially with their form atm

What do the following players have in common?

1 Liverpool
2 Man U
3 Arsenal
4 Chealsea

Is Mark Noble good?

1 Man U
2 Liverpool
3 Chelsea
4 Bolton

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