A Pompey supporter and a Saint's supporter stood side by side?

What.a Skate and a Scummer? a Portsmouth fan and a Southampton fan actually talking, grieving and laughing together..Never thought I would see the day...Only for you Bally...ONLY FOR YOU. R.I.P


Why are people wondering if utd are going to lose the league?

alan ball, brought together the biggest hatred in football, he would have been proud, and probably had a laugh.

Who is the best manager?

its just a game after all, the lads in the picture dont get paid thousands every weeks to hate each other.

Man U/ AC Milan fans who would you want to meet in the Finals?

RIP BALL glad to see people could come together for him

If you could spend the day with any current Soccer player who would you pick? And what would you do?

It just goes to show that when needed we can overcome our prejudices and show respect. Alan Ball earnt that respect and I would have been proud to attend his funeral and stand side by side with other people who valued him.

What team do you cheer for?

RIP Allan Ball. We will miss you.

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