Abs exercise training?

hai..i already workout my abs about 3 years,since 2004.But, now i didnt get my muscle.Im a soccer player.How to increase it?and what ype of workout i suppose to do? Im interesting with one of the Manchester United's player,his name is Cristiano Ronaldo,how to dp body like him?


Future best of soccer?

My AB Workout consists of 3 basic exercises. These exercises work on the 3 abdominal groups, worked out in the correct order to get maximum results.

1. Leg raises (Rectus Abdominis)
2. Side Crunches ( External/Internal Obliques)
3. Straight Crunches (Transverse Abdominis)

Here is how it works. You want to get up to where you are doing 3 sets of 25 reps for each exercise. But start with one set of 15, then 20, then 25. Then start with 2 sets of each, then finally 3 sets. Only allowing a 30 to 45 second break between sets.

1. Lie flat on a mat, with your hands placed at your lower back, close to your butt. Now with your legs bent slightly, and toes pointed away from your body, with legs together, lift your legs up 6 inches off the ground. Each rep consists of lifting your legs from 6 inches to 12 inches. You cannot put your legs on the ground till the set is done. Go between 6 inches, to 12 inches, and back. Each time you reach the 6 inch mark, count one rep. Each movement should be one second. One second up, one second down.

2. Lie with your back flat on the mat, your legs should be bent so that your feet are flat on the mat, about shoulder width apart. Your hands should not be behind your head, but place them under your opposite armpits, or chest. Now you curl up, not lifting your lower back off the mat, (these are crunches, not situps) Your rep consists of curling your right elbow towards your left knee, and then the other side. You do not touch your knee. One second up, one second, down. One second other side, one second down. A rep consists of both sides being done. So your rep is done when you have moved up, and down, on each side. (This one you will notice right away)

3. Lie the same way as in number 2 above, with the hands in the same position. Now this one you just curl straight up, hold for a second, then back down. Do not jerk yourself up, Curl yourself up. Each rep consists of one up, and one down. Each time you are on the mat with your back, counts as one rep.

NOTE: You can do abs every day. But I find if I rest one day a week, I reward myself for sticking with it.

GOOD LUCK, and enjoy your SIX PACK.

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