A player sitting at the bench in a football match is known as a?


Which football club had a player in every position play for England.?

Depends who the player is. If it's SWP then it's 'the greedy little barsteward who went to Chelsea for loadsofmoney but instead got a flat ar$e.'

Where do football teams based in London train, but I don't think they train on their home pitch.?


What do you think about the current Brazilian team and their coach Dunga?

they are known as substitutes

When will Man Utd have their open top bus parade through the Manchester?


Italian Address?

the bench is known as the subs bench so my guess is substitute

Does the Watford v Wigan match result stand even though it was abandoned after 50 minutes?

useless i guess haha

How good is emmanuel Adebayor of arsenal my brother?

A sub or injured player.

Wean last time you give someone Hug?


Sorry, there are 8 english cities with 2 or more professional football teams based in them. can u name them?


Where are Tranmere scarfs sold?

a fan or a bench warmer

Quiz - Who has made only 4 appearances for England..?

When I was in school, about a hundred years ago, they were called bench warmers. I think, though, that the proper term is probably substitute.

Best cleats?


Fergie's drinking to a Kop deafeat and Milan boss will supply the wine. lol what u think?

a substitute

Football:: Is england a confident lot??

Andre Shevchenko

Totti Fans, Come on. we can be friends!?

a player sitting on the bench in a football match is called a (sub) or substitute

Who is the best coach in the world?

substitute .

Whats the meaning of FORZA in italian?

well said terry h i agree swp is warm * sub,greedy in every sence,got what he deserves become total crap,must be suffering from piles of **.

Why is the English Premier League season held in over the winter, when it is cold, rather than the summer?

a sub??

Do you think we will win tonight?? Correct scorline gets 10?

In most cases a substitute, in George Best's case a pisshead

Who would you like to see in the Premiership next season and at what club ?

substitute & small pebble? does that refer to your brain?

Next Newcastle Boss?


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