""Robben will leave Chelsea".another foolishly rumor?


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mmmm..i'm a chelsea fan 2

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Yes. Robben is doing great in Chelsea

Who's the best?

I know you are a Chelsea fan that is why it sounds like a rumour and you come to sports1234.com for consolation and are hoping people agree with you.But if it were an important ManUnited player leaving the club it would have appeared as the truth to you.Well sorry the truth and nothing but the truth is that Robben is leaving Chelsea it is not a rumour

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It coudld be a rumor...or it could actually be true. We'll just have to wait and see...

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u wish wat r u running scared
well u should be checked the prem table
ur not top
man 4 eva
i suppose i wont get 10 points 4 this

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Robben seems to be annoyed at the limited time he's getting from Morinho. He could ask for a trade if this keeps on going, it certainly would be better for a player like him to get more minutes, with Spurs or Man. Utd., where he would team up with C.Ronaldo. Whatever the rumors, it will be all said and done by February or mabye it could end up as a summer signing.

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It is definately a rumour.
Robben i doing well for the club and he is getting first-team chances as well, so i don't see any reason for him leaving the club.
Also ,when robben left his old club ,was offered a choice of joining chelsea or man u and he chose chelsea ,so i dont see him leaving (unless jose thinks otherwise)

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