Why did he do that? Van Nistelrooy Mocked the Memory of Cristiano Ronaldo's Father?

Question:I know this happened last year but why would Van Nistelrooy say that because he knew Ronaldo's Dad passed away a few months ago. Van Nistel Rooy is an idiot with no feelings, he is just jealouse Ronaldo thats why he wanted to hurt his feelings.

"Ruud got into a big argument with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. Why? Because Van Nistelrooy lost his temper during practice seeing Ronaldo hanging on to the ball too long before passing. The reaction? “Go talk to your dad”. That’s what Ruud said to Ronaldo. Nothing wrong till now. But you might feel differently when you hear that Cristiano Ronaldo`s father passed away in September last year. The Portuguese midfielder was very affected by the news then, needing a lot of time to recover and play his best on the field again."

"Ronaldo was furious, reminding Van Nistelrooy his father, Dinis Aveiro, had died only last September. But the Dutchman continued and the pair came to blows before being dragged apart by team-mates."


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Based on my name "Ruud_Kaka_Niko", I'm obviously a Ruud fan. I felt bad about that too so I did some research about that incident. Here's what I found. Maybe Ruud was not referring to Cristiano's father. This is from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ruud_van_ni...

On May 9, 2006, Setanta Sports claimed to exclusively reveal the real reason behind Van Nistelrooy's non-inclusion in the squad for the game against Charlton. According to Setanta, Van Nistelrooy and team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo had allegedly come to blows during a training session. Ruud allegedly criticised Ronaldo's tendency to keep the ball, instead of passing, and then the two fought. Van Nistelrooy then, allegedly, said "go running to your daddy". Although Ronaldo's father had died earlier in the season, the article claims that Van Nistelrooy was not referring to Ronaldo's father, but to his fellow Portuguese Carlos Queiroz. (Source - ^ "The facts behind Ruud's walk-out", Setanta Sports, May 10, 2006. Retrieved on 2006-08-18. )

Both players have denied any such incident.

In early September 2006, Van Nistelrooy made a well publicised criticism of his former club, saying he was "stabbed in the back" after years of loyalty to Manchester United.

However in October 2006, Van Nistelrooy stated that despite his fallout with Sir Alex, he still admired him and he "owed him a lot" for waiting for him despite his cruciate knee injury. He also insisted he has great fondness of his five years at Manchester United.

In total, Van Nistelrooy scored 150 goals from exactly 200 starts and 19 substitute appearances for United and remains hugely popular with the United faithful. Alex Ferguson has stated that there is no hard feelings between himself and Van Nistelrooy.

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cuz he was jealous like u said

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I feel so sorry for Cristiano....well,some of us may hate him,but we have to don't forget that all of us have feelings,parents,all we can cry(even men) and Cristiano was suffering.A father,is a father!And is his case,his dead.I am so sorry for him.I remind that in an interview at his house in Manchester he has a photo with his father on a support really up.And he said that that photo is there to remind him that his father is always seeing him from the sky.

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Ruud is a psycho all together...he shud be taken to the asylum Asap.

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nice, bad of ruud.

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