A question about Curling the Ball?

I've been trying to curve the ball recently and it has curved, but I was wondering what I do make it curve more like how the real players do. Do I just kick it stronger? Is there a special method?


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Its kinda hard to describe but here it goes.
Approach at an angle from the ball. Make contact with the ball inside your big toe of the kicking foot and the ball kindas roll back along the inside of your foot. You want to get under the ball in the side of the ball(the side obviously depends on your striking foot and how youre running up. Make sure to keep your standing leg stationary.
If you want to increase the height at which the ball rises you need to lean your shoulders back during contact.
Its usually easier on set pieces.

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There's a trick to curl the ball. You have to kick it at a certain way and a certain spot with just the right power.

Practice. You will eventually get it right.

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Ok the guy above has some good points. To curl it even more, make sure your run is almost parallel to the face of the goal and your foot touches the ball as if you are trying to light up a match. Now, there is also another way to do it, but with the outside of your foot. A little bit harder, but not that hard. A good website for any soccer-related skills is


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There is a special method. You have to make sake sure that your cleats goes around the ball. The other one is make sure that you body is twisted at angle that also helps.

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