After hearing the news about the soccer riots in Sicily I was wondering?

Why can opposing fans in a rugby game stand close together without getting into a fight whereas football(soccer)fans will fight at the least provocation?Is it anything to do with the game or do all the chavs go to watch football?


Will the match between iran and mexico (jun 2) be aired on us tv?

it's because rugby union is soooooooooooo dull that the fans are in a zombie like trance and can not muster up any sort of passion, football on the other hand is fast and skillful and gets the crowd going through sheer excitement and passion.

Is there any serie b football on brittish tv and on what channel?

Because all the Chavs go to football games =(

Where can i get tickets to an arsenal game? HOME?

Well i dont agree with fighting over sport but at least football is worth fighting for, plus upper class twits cant fight there way out of a wet paper bag , hoorah Henry

Who is better, Kakà, Ronaldinho or Cristiano Ronaldo?

you need to take a look at two of the games,not everyone in football does this,i was shocked to hear this,it can happen anywhere... i had the worst soccer fighting when i was growing up but now you have not got a peep

Can England beat Australia in the cricket?

What an extremely ignorant and bigoted question, if you dont mind me pointing out ( and If you do mind, then I'm not sure what sort of reaction you are trying to provoke.)

Look at it this way..about 70,000 people each week pay to watch club rugby union matches in the entire UK. Football matches attract around 1,500,000 nationally each week. So rugby is very much a minority interest. Now, synchronised swimming is an even smaller minority interest. So, how come more fans get drunk and leery at rugby than at synchronised swimming? Is it because rugby attracts obnoxious barbour wearing hooray henries all on company outings and complimentary tickets?? Its the same twisted logic as yours.

Besides, the riot happened in Italy...if you saw the Italy v France rugby match today you may have noticed that the stadium was half full, which speaks volumes about how little interest there is for rugby.

edit: if you investigated properly, you will find that there have been several instances of crowd trouble at rugby league matches, especially Hull. And Union seems to be full of the players attacking the crowd, which is why the Welsh skipper is banned!

Peter cech?

That's a very good question? Clearly its because there are more yobs at football matches than there are at rugby games. Why this should be the case I really have no idea?

I thing landon donovan is angry cause becks cause he is now L.A galaxy best player do u argee?

Because Football is the most watched sport in the world and also causes the most arguments in the world apart from politics.

Other sports to most of the world are far less important, hence less arguing and fighting.

Who can stop MU ?

Its because football is the number 1 sport in the world and the most watched sport in the world and the most competitive sport..

Can someone help me by telling me the indepth rules for SoCcEr? Thnx!?

Kids go to football, men go to rugby.

Is THIs TRUe?!?

Quite simply football is watched for millions upon millions more every weekend, especially compared to rugby. Statistically speaking , when you consider the number of people who attend games world wide every weekend, there is actually less trouble than if the same people were not at the games. Strange but true. The fact that there is generally such as relatively large police presence at games explains this.

I have by the way, been to a Catania game in Sicily, last season in fact - my wife is Sicilian and I am English. I got married in Catania. Trust me, it was utter chaos at the game and it was only a pre-season friendly and I found it threatening. At English games i feel so much more relaxed. The problems catania v palermo were so predictable and an accident waiting to happen unfortunately.

Hey i was just wondering if you ever saw a american football player wear soccer cleats in a game?

Football has always attracted this minority of morons that have to ruin the game for everyone else. The clue is in the word 'game'. They don't realise it is just a game. A beautiful one yes, but a game all the same.

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