(Matty Bowen) what can you say about him??


What is your opinion on Jeff Farmers latest? (AFL)?

Matty is a awesome player and an unassuming individaul.

frankly the way he and thurstan combine is freakish at times, but then again they have played footy before as juniors in the queensland team and against eacher at the regional games.

(my brother in law used to play with them both as well)

I am disapointed that he didnt get a look in with the origin- he is a better player than karmichael, and has the added bonus of a great kicking game as well...

What state are the reds from!?

Matty Bowen! I am sure that a lot of people will agree with me (and you can quote me if you want) when I say this about Matty Bowen: I have absolutely no opinion whatsoever about Matty Bowen.

How and when did George Greegan become Australian ?

he deserves a place in the queensland side(my opinion)and in future "dr schmo" keep your opinions to yourself,

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