Anyone know if any of the AFL football players are ticklish?


How to register a touch football team in syd??

they all are believe me especially the sswwwaannniiieeesss when i rub them with my feathers

Looking for somewhere in Las Vegas to watch the NRL Grand Final?

I don't know
some must be all of them cant be not ticklish

What sport came first? Rugy league or union?

i heard that

Best mark of the year goes to..??

Not sure about that. Some must be. I would love to find out if Ben Cousins is!!

Anyone know where shane woewoden is playing?

Dunno, but i don't mind founding out for you..

What are your views on Collingwoods stance on alternate jerseys?

What the?!? What kind of question is that?
And more importantly, why would you care?

Are Manly Sea Eagles punching above their weight?

Well Im not entirely sure, but I bet a fair few of them would be behind the knees. Most guys if they are tend to have their weakest spot there!

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