Do the AFL fans think that St Kilda coach Grant Thomas is a DUD coach?

This DUD does not have a decent game plan


What happens if there is a draw in the AFL finals?

i dont see any cosistancy in his team, there is no base play and they seem to be a differant side each week!

I kinda lost respect for them after the Saints vs Freo game at aurora... you could see most of them heard the siren..they stopped playing and lowered their head in defeat and then them same players were on the news saying they didn't hear it.. did grant tell them to deny deny deny?? i wouldn't put it past him.
and you could just see is grant thomas' face he heard it.

Brisbane Lions vs St Kilda?

no i dunnno

North Queensland Cowboys (Thats My Team)?

i think i just got 2 points

Who has been the biggest let down of a draft pick compared to who was drafted after him.?

no why do you say that the saints have done pretty good the last few years,a coach can only do so much with the players he has
I follow Carlton look at how the blue boys are going the last 20years look what pagen did with the Nth Melb under 19 side he is a great coach but cant do anything with a bunch of idiots earning 2 much money who don't try

What song?

Grant Thomas has done well with St. Kilda as a coach. Last year they were the talk of the town winning 12 straight games but then they died out because of lack of form and injury.

A coach can only work with the talent he has got and that side has a lot of talent thats for sure. It takes a lot for the guys to work as a team and gel. They are still a force and hard to beat, so don't put them away this year yet.

Who played the broncos on the weekend?

Dont know if he`s a dud...but I reckon the Saints have been bloody unlucky with injuries in the last few years. Swans would never had won the flag with the injuries Saints have had.

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