Aussie Football, what are the rules/scoring? tried to watch it and feel lost?


Any Football Wives out there??

Have a look at the Australian Football League (AFL) site.[1] The basics of the laws are also there.[2]

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Between the two tall centre posts is worth 6 points, between either of the outer smaller posts is worth one. that is why the score is expressed as three figures. Goals/Points/And total of both. ie 3 goals, 4 points is 22 in total, and written as: 3.4.22.

I play football for my high school, at the last few practices my ankles havent been doin to well...?

the scoring rules are simple there are 4 posts the 2 middle posts are for goals and the outer area to the next post is called the points area. So if a player kicks the ball through the centre posts no matter how high he kicks a goal that is worth 6 points to the team if the ball passes between the centre and the outer post on either side it is a point and worth1 point to his side. So if a side has a score of 12 goals 4 points it has a total of 76 points at the end of the game.

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6 points for a goal, where the ball is kicked between the two center posts. 1 point for a behind, which goes in between one of the outer two posts and one of the center posts, hits one of the two center posts, or goes between the two center posts but is not kicked. There is a center bounce after each goal scored, but a free kick by the other team on a behind.

Players must essentially dribble the ball if running with it for more than 15 meters. Players catching a kicked ball on the fly that has gone at least 15 meters are given a mark and a free kick from that spot. Ball may be passed with the hands only by punching it or open-handed hitting it forward.

If a player is tackled, they must get rid of the ball or can be penalized for holding it. Ball knocked out-of-bounds is thrown in by one of the officials. A dead ball usually results in a bounce by one of the officials.

Each team has up to 18 players on the field.

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Give real football a go [Rugby League] and see what you think.
4 points fora try
2 points for a converted try
2 points for a penalty goal
1 point for a field goal

Attack and defence. Head to head. You'll love it.

Who will win tonight's game?

It all depends on what you mean by "Aussie Football". Do you mean AFL (aussie rules) where two teams play on an oval shape field with 4 goal posts with no cross beams and the aim is to kick goals between the posts? If so, between the centre posts it's 6 points, or between the two outer posts it's only 1 point.
or do you mean NRL (rugby league) where two teams play each other on a rectangular field with a set of cross beamed goal posts at each end. The aim of the scorers is to score a try (4points) or kick a conversion goal after a try (2points). A penalty kick at goal is worth 2 points and a field goal is worth 1 point.
P.S. A try is similar to a touch down in Gridiron, only the scorer has to actually ground the football without inflicting a foul grounding.

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