Aussie Rules State of Origin?!?

Question:Come on, who wants it back?!? There is a huge market out there, I know the idea is still popular, and if they organised it properly, it would make the NRL state of origin look as stupid as it really is, I mean come on, two teams? Every state plays AFL now, so why not a proper pre, or end of season comp??
P.S If enough of us keep emailing AFL maybe we can convince them?


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I think it was a good competition, with good games, especially when SA flogged the vics....but I think the most important thing for players & clubs is winning a premiership. Wouldnt you be spewing if your teams best player did his knee in a SOO match?

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I'd like to see an AFL SOO, but watch what your calling stupid, just because Vic will never field a competitive NRL SOO team.

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yeah I agree.. there would be more support for a NSW/VIC AFL State of Origin than the NRL NSW/QLD one.. Victorians and NSW people are big punters and backers of both of those leagues.. if QLD can work, so could the other combination.

More money involved as well, such as on a player and club level.

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