Australian or American football which is more exciting?


What is the difference between rugby union and rugby leauge?

Full contact, no padding, ball skills , long sprints, constant long bombs, huge catches over opponents, a score every 1min on average no comparison, AFL shites on the american game (have seen both live)

What is a gloc in afl?

American football not doubt about it but I am an American

Who do you think will win this years nrl grand final (Rugby League)?

aussie rules.,.. i love it, its not watered down for commercials and players dont wear pads

Who think brisbane lions can win comp this year?

Aussie, for sure. I don't know why americans have to wear full kevlar bodysuits just to tackle.

When did St George last win an NRL Grand Final?

Australian Rules Football kicks American Football's *, the best punters in a few seasons will be Ben Graham and Savario Rocca, Aussie Football players. Watch out! they have quite a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to kicking the ball and I also heard that one of the clubs was desperate to sign Jason Akermanis, another Aussie Rules football player. Plus there is no padding, helmets, poofy pants. Only REAL men playing a REAL conact sport. Aussie Rules football is a lot less boring to watch, unlike American football which is pass, tackle, 10 mins of tactical bulsshit for it to only happen again. A 2 hour game takes 4 **** hours. You will get a result in 2-2.5 hours guaranteed in Australian Rules football. Aussie Football all the way!

Who is the captain of the Brisbane Lions AFL team?

Australian without doubt

Will Paul Chapman from Geelong and James Clement from Collingwood Play this week?

American...were the best country in the world...and its not about the "no pads" or "how tough you are" its about the glory, the rules, the upsets, the excitment and the talent that our americans present...not just going to some field and smacking some ball around for a few hours and hitting some people while your at it

After 2 rounds who do u see winning the comp?

Asking this in this category, it's obvious what will come out on top. I love both but for different reasons. Certainly AFL is faster and more non-stop action. But I love the long bomb passes, killer hits and the whole cool helmet look (come on admit it it's like watchng a war game) in the NFL. Don't give me this "they wear pads so they are less macho" argument--so what? They used to not wear pads when it started and never passed the ball...that verison was boring!

It's not a question of which sport is tougher to play--both are extremely hard to play with or without pads. Both are exciting and beat soccer into the ground and six feet under as spectator sports.

The worst aspect of the NFL, though, is "live" at a game it's too much stop and start although they have speeded it up. On TV it's fine.

The CFL actually in Canada is a better version of "football" vis a vis the NFL.

Where can I watch AFL in Southern France?

Aussie Rules hands down

from a Yank.

Who will win the anzac medal in the Anzac Day AFL Clash?

i think that australian rules footbal is more exciting then American football

What team will win the NRL this year?

Australian Rugby League and Australian Rules are great sports to watch and the athleticism is just fantastic. I am sure that American football is great to watch too, but our fellows Down Under don't need padding to play a game.

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