Does anyone else reckon Tarkyn Lockyer (collingwood) is a great player?


Who won the footy (AFL)?

I think he is a very handy player to have in a team, but not a superstar; more like an unsung hero.

How do you thinks the knights will do?

i don't even know him

What are some strategies to prevent the recent spectator violence at the football?

yeah! I reckon.

Does anyone no who has won the anzac day afl for previous years?

Yeah i think he`s pretty handy. Did you know that he, Chick and Haselby all come from Northhampton WA, population about 1000 people? Must be somethin in the water up there.

Do people really believe that the top echelon of players in rugby league aren't addicted to party drugs?

i do not tink that Tarkyn Locker is a great player

Has Ben Cousins lost his West Coast Eagles captaincy?

Yeah Tarks is pretty good.. underrated in my opinion!!
Although my Fav would have to be Alan Didak..(he reminds me of peter daicos)..

Who do you think will win the NRL this year?

He desent.He's one of those players you just have to have on your team to make it the team that you are.You know what im saying.

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