Is AFL the stupidist sport in the world?


Who is considered the best NRL player in Australia of all time?

What other footy game gives you a point for missing?
In what other footy game do you have to run flat out while bouncing and catching a pointy ended ball?
But it's a great game all the same. Go the Saints.

What's gone wrong with the Sydney Swans this year? Can they win the AFL in 2006?

no thats soccer

Need plane tickets to westcoast eagles afl grandfinal from Perth who can I call?

I played a little Arena Football on the old Xbox. I thought the game was a little lame, but Im sure the sport is fun

What is the perimeter of the Melbourne Cricket Ground?

Wot's afl?

What are some tips for kicking a football?

You are correct

Why does Nathan Brown survive?


VLF/Alf history?

it's the best

Why are there different rules during the NAB Cup?

certainly,cause aussies eat kangaroo meat


golf, volley ball, tennis, cricket, base ball, soccer and some more i cant be bothered naming because they're so lame are far more worse than AFL.
So no, its not the stupidest sport.

The Dragons have choked again...?

No, but it was much better when the boys shorts were shorter.

They shouldent take out hip and shouldering in aussie rules?

no its the best sport soccer is the worst by far

Who invented Australian Rules Football?

Baseball would be the stupidest... how someone can watch that in amazing... Golf come second

Why isnt adam goodes a captain?

uh no, loser what planet are you from again, i think footy rocks more than rugby, and soccer put together. Go the Dockers and Eagles wooooooooooooh

How did you go in your AFL football tipping for round 1 of this years competition?

I am looking for a video by Coach Rob Kelso former Baseball Coach for Univ of Houston called Why WInners WIn?
Why Winners WIn is a 50 minute motivational video by ROb Kelso former asst baseball coach at Univ of Houston. that teaches you how achieve excellence in the classroom and on the field

Who do u hate the most?

Nah! Motorsport sucks.

What's the highest ever score in an AFL match?

Sports is healthy activity and cannot be stupid.

Will west coast do well in 2007?

The Arena football league is a great sport that should be respected as much as the NFL. The AFL is the only American sport that is a "minor league" but is considered a professional sport.

Calling the AFL a stupid sport requires the disconnection of logic from your being.

For the slow, if you call the AFL stupid, you are stupid.

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