Do you think the Melbourne Storm deserve to be favourites to take out the NRL premiership?


From where did Aussie Rules football originate?

Yeh storm should be definate favourites, people are getting so excited about the bulldogs and all that jazz, when so far the storm are a mile ahead of the competiton.

now ill show my true colours and say that Brisbane Broncos should definatly be next favourites

Who's going to win the Nab Cup?

hell no manly

Does any one go for the sydney city roosters?

Yeah I think Melbourne Storms are going to be the favourites this year well they really deserve to be as they have played really well this year the hole team has just connected really well. But honestly I think holy & soley that the Saint George Dragons should be next favourite as they are another team that has played really well.

Geelong Football Club (afl) group photo?


Hi guys, What are your tips for the first round of the comp this weekend ?

yes they r da fav but it always come on the last game of the seasons .sometime a fav team bombed out during the finals.look at the dragons and the eels last year both did not make it to gf.the bulldogs a r also playing a solid football.manly will never win it.the dragons will not make it too.teams below the top 4 will not make it to the gf.last year the dogs did not make it to the top 8 coz most of the key players r out injured.this year they have the top player on the deck.the broncos have a chance to play in da gf but the dogs are getting more stronger as the the season getting closer to the end.i would like to see the storm n the bulldogs play it out on the last day.big willie is on his peak so is sonny bills and asotasi.being a fav does not win a game.i hope the dogs will in so most of you who support others will be licking the dogs *.go the bulldogs.

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