Do you think rugby league will catch on in melbourne more if melbourne storm win the premiereship this year.?


Why do you all hate bulldogs fans. we are not all bad???

if they win for sure it will

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No it won't.

They won the premiership before, didn't they, and it didn't catch on there. Rugby gets almost no coverage here (in Melbourne) so I doubt very much if we'd even hear much about the win.

The difference between Melb sports fans and other cities is that we love our teams whether they win or not. Just because the Storm win a competition would make no difference.

One other minor point - none of the players are from Melbourne, they are all from NSW and QLD, the Rugby states. That may make a difference too.

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Yeah I think more people will want to know about the sport !!

Who thinks the state of origin is not like it was before?

no not really it didnt catch on after 1999 its a alf state most people dont know anything about league very little coverage in the press neally 10 years on still only attract about 9000 per game which is a shame because they have been the most entertaining team in the last 9 years

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Maybe, IF they win. I think it is the year of the Dragon!

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