Can anyone other than Adelaide win this years AFL premiership?


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After round 14, only two teams come to mind - Adelaide and Melbourne. Eagles' form has dropped considerably, Sydney can't win at home, western bulldogs have got far too many injuries, Saints are very unpredictable plust they have had too many injuries as well. So at the moment the best bet is on Adelaide and the Demons as both teams are in red-hot form.

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The crows are the favorites for the Flag right now, as they are playing very well, but they are beatable. WC and the Swans have a real good chance. Everyone else are pretenders.
If the the GF is Sydney vs. Adelaide the Swans should be slight favorites as they have experience and a better coach.

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Are you for real
No way : )

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everyone in the top eight has a chance, things are different when it comes to the finals, predominantly, of coarse, it is skill - it also becomes a game of chance too. take the eagles for example, good team definitely have chance but if you stick them at the MCG there chances are slimmed because they're not so good there. And the dockers..great at home but almost anywhere away (especially aurora stadium) they're not crash hot. You get my point. all teams have a weak spot and in the finals you only have 1 or 2 chances and 1 or even 2 of those chances might fall on a weak spot.
Also needed to be taken into account are injuries and weather conditions(most teams cant play in the rain at certain stadiums, etc)
to much to consider at this point in time, and with out details its hard to really pick.
so to answer your question, yes anyone in the top 8 at the end of round 22 may win, but my money is currently with Adelaide or even WCE.

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Nope Eagles will fold under pressure, their forwards are crap!

West Coast Eagles?

West Coast's forwards aren't crap! Judd is awesome.

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