If you are good at Rugby League are you naturally good at Rugby Union?

Aren't they basically the same?


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No, not necessarily. The structure of the game is different as are the requirements from positional play. We have seen some have good success levels after making a switch but usually after quite a settling in period, which is indicative of the differences we may not realise. Success is much harder to come by at a National level. You would certainly have a natural aptitude for parts of the game and some skills. It would depend on your natural ability to adjust.

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No. The positional plays are completely different. Usually the backs adjust better but being good at one doesn't make you good at the other.

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no, if you are a super athlete you can eventually fit in to any position... really skilled people can make themselves play anywhere... if they are driven...

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No not necessarily, I played at theoretically the same level - 3rd Grade in both League & Union for the Parramatta Eels and Two-Blues Parramatta Union. League was by far a higher standard as well and far more professional and tough ! The two codes are Vastly different styles of play although you have more chance of crossing over in the Southern Hemishere compared to the North, as we both involve backline movements. Northern hemishere Rugby is a game of Forwards who lagely outweigh League Forwards so as a League convert you could struggle a bit ! Union is far more technical and no-one ever knows ALL the rules, thus very frustrating, also much harder to get a clean hit on someone.

Backs find it easier to convert and mostly in the Southern hemisphere and only to experience a World Stage and for Vast amounts of Sponsorship $. The movement patterns and energy systems used again are different between the two codes ! League is more Power dominated and "playing the man" where as Union has a greater emphasis on Aerobic capabilities. Compared to shorter more intense efforts in League - Anaerobic Lactic and Anaerobic Alactic energy systems are developed to a far greater level in Professional Rugby League.

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if youre good at rugby league-then it wont be much trouble for you to become good at rugby union--but thers a slight difference between them

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Union has such a better flow to the game, watching League, or AFL is almost like watching American Football

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