Does anyone think that the umpires are against st kilda in the afl?


Qld won state of origin YAYAYA!!!?

I'm a saints supporter, but agree with edgey. Statistics don't tell the full story, but the Saints have 151 frees for and 156 against so far this season, and that is pretty close.

Compare that with Freeo (134-180) and the Hawks (134-167).

If the Saints play well enough, they will win games. Despite the talent they have, I'm not convinced they have the right balance yet in their team. They also have had some problems with injuries.

What date is the 2007 AFL Grand Final?

No they're not.

Why has temana tahu?

Yeah, definitely!! They seem like they are always ragging on the players to me!!

Can swimming improve your fitness for Rugby? How?

sorry, i'm not interested in women's sport

What happened to Shane and Ben Walker?

Nope, not more than any other team

I want to purchase Crows supporters regaleia.?

no have u ever watched a west coast game the umpiring is shocking yet we still seem to win stop making excuses 4 ur team

What channel & at what time the 2006 National Rugby League Grand Final be shown in Sourthern California?

No but I think the umpires are against Hawthorn.

Australian rules football is the best sport to ever exist?

No cause i think u r a saints supporter. I know a mate who is an Essendon fan and he thinks the same thing about his team.

Where can I watch live AFL games on the internet?

get a grip
you just cant handle it that you loose

Australian Rules training drills?

heck yeah and if anyone diagrees they're either one of them or the friends

Fave sport?

some games they are some games they aren't. I think It depends on who they are playing.

SPATFA stands for Specific Penial and Testicular Functional Abnormalities, but what does this mean?

One team generally gets a better run, some teams like St Kilda seem to get a bad run more than others. Essendon had a bad run after Hird made a few comments about an umpire which he later had to apolagise for.

If AFL is so exciting why do they change rules yearly and soccer rules have never change.?

no, st kilda are just crap!

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