Who thinks the major let down for NSW last night was the defence on the right wing? It's damn sad I say!?


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well if anything we can ssay nsw was consistent... with their poor online defence. Ive never seen a more disorganised defence, it was only a matter of time queensland would come back and it would be unfair to think mullen could get them back on track. For 80% of the game QLD was bunched behind the play the ball and still managed to bust NSW defence. As stated before, typical NSW got lazy and typical QLD fought back. And to answer your question, the right wing being King and Cooper, well thats what happens when you play a centre on the wing, outside a centre not on form and (knowing from personal experience) who doesnt communicate. The series isnt beyonf NSW but theyve made it very diificult for themselves

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I think we lost it tactically early in the second half. If only we had an Andrew Johns out there, he would have steadied the ship. But on the bright side there were some good performances by the new guys. Bring on game 2..

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NSW lost the same way they always do

they got lazy

they get in front and think is a cakewalk from then on in, everyone knows that Queensland are the kings of comebacks, and with the defence abysmal on the NSW side, it was no surprise that Qld went away with the win.

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Yes I agree. I also think Q.L.D paced themselves better. I even commented to my husband
(Maroons supporter) at 1/2 time that the Blues looked buggered! They just couldn't get that momentum back!

TIGERS verses HAWKS who is going to win:~)?

Id say NSW had to many young and amateur players for origin they should have chosen the more experienced players.
I would have replaced at least 4 of the players from last nights game.
Though Queensland were always gonna win the game, they had much better players and there structure was so much better then NSW.
It seems sad that NSW has the majority of teams yet we still cant beat Queensland.

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nsw should remember that the game goes for 80 mins not 40

Best mark of the year goes to..??

Oh so damn sad..Too late Too Bad for comments! Queensland came back won! end of story till next game. then we start again. QUEENSLANDERS!!

Jaqueline johnston?

Queensland has the best team in the world. 105+ hours of Rugby League and they lead the Blues (the second best) by one point. Actually Queensland were unlucky to have two tries disallowed, OK there was a forward pass but you had to look hard to see it.

Who was the moron who kept yelling "Moo" or "Boot" all through the game? He must have been close to the TV commentators.

OK you Blues supporters there's always the next game. See ya.

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I'm with you. Both wings were pretty feckless there was no coordination and Matt King just looked like a third leg for most of the game, what a waste. The backline needs to be a team, but apart from Minni there was no teamplaying going on there and that's what really took the Blues out of the game.

Credit to the CaneToads they played a great game.

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