Aussies verses kiwis who will win the ruby world cup?

The world cup is almost here my friends, and for those for you who give a d... its time to pull up your socks and start relising the truth, the kiwis may just pull this one off!!


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I'm an Aussie and i hate to say it but i think N.Z will win the world cup this year,Australia have played some terrible rugby of late and i cant see us getting our act together in 6 months,N.Z on the other hand look to have the total package and deserve the favourites tag.

if i was a kiwi id be more worried about the springboks than the Aussies.

p.s i hope I'm totally wrong and the wallaby's get to take home the grand prize

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If the Wallabies could find a decent forward pack in the next 8 weeks, they'd be a force...but I would be more worried about the Springboks really.

All Blacks will be, rightfully so, favourites for France, so it will take an enormous effort for someone to topple them. They used to have a problem with winning the close games but under Henry that seems to been resolved. The only weakness I can see is the midfield; who's the best 12 & 13? If they can figure that out I can't see anyone knocking them off.

I'm an Aussie living in NZ so I am expecting to cop a fair bit of rubbish when it kicks off, lol.

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nope Australia is gonna win

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If we, Aussies can't I hope the Kiwis can ! Really, never in any other football code does the worlds strongest Nation (NZ) who should be favourites, constantly fold in the big games ! Not sure what it is ? Maybe they need to look at what gets Australia up to the big games, it's called toughness and mental strength not just sheer physical size ! I do beleive the South Africans will put it over the Kiwis, either way it should end up a Southern Hemisphere Victory ! I'd like to see North play South. Go Kiwis, but first you have to prove how good you really are and beat us Aussies than the South Africans on the "Big Stage" not that easy .. good luck !

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broooooooce says the kiwis will win

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Are you talking about rugby league or union? because I can't remember whats next but this is the rugby league section. Anyway we all know that New Zealand will win the Union world cup and Australia will win League world cup, and if anyone suggests anything else they are a bit deluded

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The kiwis might win the world cup but have you ever noticed people think that they will win every year but they miraculously loose form right at the start of the tournament. I think the springboks might win. they played a really good match the other day vs the poms.
go wallabies!

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