Do you think St Kilda sacking of Grant Thomas was a mistake?

Question:Grant Thomas coached St Kilda to a 64% winning record and three finals series (the last three years) with St Kilda.

For the record I think its a huge mistake as Thomas got a great deal out this team and done better than others before him.


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It was a big mistake. Let's face it - Grant Thomas was an unheard of coach when he was chosen to coach St. Kilda and over the time he has been there he has coached them into the Finals in three seasons and had a good winning percentage. With that in mind he has done a fantastic job.

No matter how good the coach is it depends on the players to perform each week and the Saints unfortunately performed badly when they needed to win.

The Saints have a bad history of sacking coaches - remember Malcolm Blight and Tim Watson. Good luck to the next coach and I hope the players can perform for him or else he will receive the same fate. Who would be a coach under those pressures?

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Don't think must of the Staints but what they did to the coach was a little harsh..but i guess it was in the best interest of the club...

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i believe they sack him was coz B.O.Ds did not agree with the direction he was leading the club into coz it did not win them or get them to GF. Most 'fans' want to see winners. and when a club does not appear in the GF for a long time, the number of club membership, merchandise sales, sponsorship drops. so less $$ to fund BODs, sports medicine, trainning tools, elite recruiting scouts, docs, physio.

I don't know whether it's a huge mistake or not as it depends on the next coach.

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Only time will tell i thought he was doing a good job the saints have been up in the finals of late
Grant said last week on the footy show that he had issues with a few at the club and that's never a good thing
If they don't perform next year a lot of fans wont be happy

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Hm, Im not sure. But I guess that the St Kilda Football CLub must think that their decision to sack Grant Thomas was wise..then yea.

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Most importantly, he had the respect of the players, they were very sad to see him go. Yeah I agree, it was a mistake. Saints have been good the last few years.

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