Are Canterbury fans nuts!!!?

Question:Do they have any football knowledge
Why support a team from Belmore
Why risk your life for a game
Why follow a team that has been caught cheating
Why are the fans thugs
Why have the team been caught up in drugs and rape scandel
After Friday it will be Bye Bye


If Joey Johns gets off tonight do you think the NRL is just a pathetic joke?

if i had my way they wouldn't even be in our comp.

Who looks most likely to win the AFL premiership so far?

Do you still love me? :P

Aussie Rules State of Origin?!?

I hope your talking Rugby, and yes we are!

Can someone tell me where the harrington sports complex on lady fairfax drive harrington park?

the way you are runting about the are seems are real loser.come friday nite,you will be crying like a sook.the team from belmore are the most succesful team in the modern era of the game.and lastly not all the bulldogs supporters are not a nuts and thugs.not all are from middle easterns background.there more fair dinkum aussies who supports the go bulldog and we will go all the way.whinger

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