Are there any Aussie NRL fans out there?

Whose going to win the premiership? I am a Cowboys supporter but my moneys on Melbourne.


Does anyone know about irish football called gaa?

I am also a huge fan of the cowboys...But it isn't looking good for them right now, And i have to agree with you i think melbourne is going to win it...

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This year is very hard to pick. It seems more like a guessing competition than tipping. They is always a surprise team to make it to the finals. Maybe the eels might get up.

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there r lots of surprises in the world but i really think dat the west tigers or the eels will win

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the bulldogs will win it again coz we have all the key players on the roster unijured and playing very good.storm will not win just like the eels and the dragons last who let the dogs out?

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my heart is with the broncos head tells me it will be between the bulldogs and the storm and i think the storm will win a close one

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I hope the Dragons do. But I bet the Storms will.

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Go Melbourne!

They are now outright favourites, hopefully they will bring the trophy back to Victoria.

Footy (australian) tips for the weekend?

hi lissylou I said at the very start of the season that the bulldogs were gonna win the premiership.Which sucks cause Im a cowboys fan too,but they are shaping up to be a contender...IF ONLY ID BACKED THEM aaaaarrrrgggghhhh.
Yeah doggies/ storm grand final and dont care who wins just hope its a great game and the bloody ref doesnt stuff the flow of the game.

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