Dockers VS Adelaide...?

who do you think will win? and the final score will be.


Why do some AFL timers count backwards and some count forwards?


Who's going to win the Nab Cup?

Hopefully Adelaide... I'll tip 'em by 22 pts.

I'd say the Dockers, but Adelaide has the top spot pretty well sewn up, and I have to pray that the 'Pies can get their act together after this last travesty. Better that they don't have any more teams to have to crawl over to get back in the top four!

Dang it... stupid Dons...

Who will win the anzac medal in the Anzac Day AFL Clash?

Gotta back the Crows for sure

Do guys like girls that play tackle footy?

If the dockers win it will prove to some people that they are a real force in AFL football. Unfortunately i think the Crows will be too strong for them.

When will I be able to buy Swans tickets for 07?

Just watching this game now, last quarter...I sense a BOILOVER...Go Dockers!! Top 4? Dont see why not.

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