Do you think Mark Gasnier is the best centre of all time?

If not, who is and why are they better than Gaz.


Who is your favourite football player?

ok heres a list of centres better than him:

*Reg Gasnier
*Graeme Langlands
*Steve Rogers
*Gene Miles
*Jamie Lyon
*Brad Fitler (when he played there for Penrith)
*Mal Meninga
*Ryan Girdler
*Brent Tate
*Dave Brown
*Steve Renouf
*Mark McGaw
*Mark Hughes
*Jonny Greaves
*Timana Tahu (was better)
*Mark Coyne
*Michael bloody Cronin! (How did I forget?)
*Brett Kenny (when he played there)
*Steve Ella (zip zip man!)

There are so many more!
But I'm getting tired...


no.he is not the best centre at all.mal meninga bob fulton gene miles steve rogers mick cronin and many more.they are great centre but no one can claim the best centre of all time.jamie lyon are far better centre than him but he can also play pivot.sonny bill is better centre than him and he can play in the forward.if gasnier can play any where in the team then is good.remember he played at 5/8 wiht no success.have a look at so many great players who played at centre and other position.laurie daley,brad fittler,brett kenny,noel cleal,chris mortimer. and many more.i see him more of overpaid player by the the dragons.

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Mark gasnier is a good centre,however, you have obviosly not seen his uncle reg or changa langlands play they would be the best centre of ALL time

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His Uncle Reg would have a lot to say about that.

Is benji marshall the best five-eight in rugy league?

no way,at the moment jamie lyon is the best.

Does anyone think the melbourne sides really have a shaot at the premiership in '07 or '08?

I don't believe you can have a "Best of all-time" for any position as the game changes , the rules change etc. You can only truly have the best of an era. He is a great player but he still has his quiet games,I believe he needs to have more consistency , I'd like to see him come infield more looking for the ball like his old mate Nathan Blacklock used to do when he didn't get enough

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It depends who you are asking - I am sure Gasnier would say so.

I think he is an overrated show off who receives the ball over the line and scored soft tries. I cannot remember once thinking he was brilliant

The media have latched onto him as they did Ricky Stuart and I dare say it wont be long before they are all wake up to how average he really is.

Give me Tonga, Berrigan, Tate - anyone anyday instead of him!

I like rugby, you?

He is not even the best centre of current time.

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