(I'm an American)Why is Australian Rules football better than American football ( besides no helmets)?


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D-Line, Australian Rules Football is not RUGBY! is is Australian Rules Football!
Aussie Rules is much faster, more physically demanding and more spectacular than Gridiron. Gridiron guys are big but slow. AFL players are stronger, faster, can jump higher, kick further. The game is just more spectacular and free flowing. It is normally high scoring and often end to end in seconds. The high marking (catching the ball) is unbelievable to watch - Some of the better guys can get three metres off the ground by "riding" an opponent. They don't need to stop for ten minutes to get a measuring tape out every time siomeone moves three yards.
Watch a game, you'll never watch gridiron again.

What is the most points scored in the NRL ?

its called "rugby". its more intense physically. no helmets or pads. fewer rules. my uncle played for a while. constantly getting broken ribs. almost lost an ear once, then got three cracked ribs. dangerous sport, but mad cool

Who will win the 2007 AFL Premiership and why?

Why do you think so ?

American indoor football league schedule?

I'm American as well and I like Aussie rules. I don't think either code is better than the other, but Aussie Rules is a much faster game with a lot more scoring. Although I love the physicality and strategic focus of American football, a game I've been watching since I was four years old. I love both games, they're both exciting to watch. It's all a matter of how you like your sports.

Is Andrew 'Joey' Johns going to play State of Origin this year or not? If not, what's the excuse?

Ozzie Rules isn't rugby D-Line.

Ozzie Rules is an amazing sport. A sport that if regularly televised in the U.S., would INSTANTLY become popular over here and I could see an American Ozzie Rules League starting up very shortly after that.

Take the strategy of ice hockey, with the speed of soccer, on a massive field, and the physical roughness of rugby, and you have Ozzie Rules. 'Tis a magnifienct spectacle of sport.


Which AFL team has the nicest uniform?

motorcyclemadm sumes it up to a tee.

and for all the fellow ladies out there our aussie boys are very nice to the eye, the short shorts and big guns will set any ladies a heart a flutter.

to see skill and strategy in such a fast physically challanging game is awesome. to watch a sportsman fly through the air to mark the ball above all others (eg pro mr leo barry of the sydney swans) and then see men get slaughtered smashing into eachother with such passion to win is amazing.

i love my aussie rules :O) UP THE SWANNIES

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You need more skill and you use your whole body while playng aussie rules. Your arms, legs, head, feet, brains too, Has anyone ever seen a rugby player use their brains? Maybe Hopoate perhaps, no sorry that was his finger.

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