Cheerleaders (dumb question I know)?

Question:As a follow up to my last question. Hey, I'm considering moving over to the Land of Oz, okay? :)

Here in the U.S. at the high school level, the football teams here in the U.S. always have cheerleaders. My daughter is a cheerleader so I'm just trying to learn a few things here.

Do the Aussie teams in your version of the sport have cheerleaders?


Rugby Season?

AFL doesn't really have cheerleaders, although some of the rugby league teams in Sydney do use them. I think maybe some of the NBL basketball teams as well. You should be aware that it is no where near as serious or glamourous, and most Aussies tend to think of cheerleaders, as well, pretty girls without much else. They also tend to be dancers who can't get any better gigs. If she is a good dancer, agile, in good shape etc, she would be better off going for contemporary dance theatre or similar, taken much more seriously.
In Australia the girls tend to take Netball, Swimming and Field Hockey as the most important sports.

Does any1 know AFL payer Dale Thomas?

Q. What has 24 legs and 24 brain cells?
A. 12 Cheerleaders

What the best football team?


What do Football fans think of Jason Akermanis?


Really. Is there any other kind of question one could possibly ask a cheerleader?

(sorry .. just couldn't resist)

What year did quarterbacks start having plays relayed to them via helmet intercom?

why your daughter ever became one ? as far as i know even in US most of the people think of them as stupid dumb blond or what ever.oh sorry i am ENGLISH

Who do u think will win the grand final and by how much?

what did the cheerleader say when she graduated and got her first job?

hi, welcome to mcdonalds

Has collingwood got any chance against melbourne tomorrow?

I'm not Aussie and hopefully some Aussies will answer your question.

I'd think that all sports everywhere have some kind of cheering squad. Everyone wants their own teams to win and have lots of spirit about it.

Your question isn't dumb. You're dumbing yourself down when you write words like that. Smile and have more confidence in yourself!

Best of luck to you and your daughter!

From where did Aussie Rules football originate?

Yes we have great cheerleaders

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