Australia--did the dockers flog the eagles --or what??


What do you think about Newcastle buying Brian Smith?

YES WE DID. aren't we awesome?!?! It was almost like freo vs cousins...
i posted a pre game question asking what ppl thought the score was going to be and all but 1 person said the eagles would kick ***. well if the ladder stays the same we will take on adelaide at aami stadium - which we can beat them as we did not long ago plus we are in better form now and 1 of there top goal kickers got a knee dislocation (did you see that? gross, slow instant replay caught the moment well) so yeah - could this be our year?
dear god i hope so I've been waiting so long.

Aussie Football, what are the rules/scoring? tried to watch it and feel lost?

How much did they get for them?

How can I watch Collingwood games in the US?

Who cares? It's just a game and doesn't prove anything except who had the luck that day. Grow up!

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