AFL Should the Pre season cup be canned?

Should the AFL pre-season cup be canned?, to extend the normal home and away rounds to an even two complete rounds to 30 weeks, or should the regular season be shortend to 15 week, to have only one round?


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hmmmm tough one.

1) We need to play at least practice matches at the start of the season to help the clubs trial new recruits and experiment with players etc., so you might as well make the games organised and for a prize (a decent one, with plenty of prize money).

2) A longer season has some merit cos all the clubs currently don't play each other home and away. But any practice games or even intra-club games on top of this makes the season far too long for a contact sport like AFL.

It's beyond me as to why it is not possible to offer heaps more prize money for the pre season cup. The AFL signs a deal for $700+ million for the TV rights off the back of the $400+ million current channel 9 deal, and they can't come up with $20 million for a decent cup that the clubs would take seriously?
Even Kevin Sheedy would pick decent players to try and win that kind of dough! :)

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Quite possibly. Many teams aren't taking the AFL pre-season competition at all seriously. Paul Roos picked a second string side when the Swans played the Kangaroos for example.

A 30 round competition would be better as it would be fair for each team to play home and away matches. Otherwise, it can influence the result if one team gets to play weaker teams twice while its rival for a finals place has to play stronger opponents.

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I think its only purpose is to allow coaches to trial newer combinations, and blood new players and or ideas.

From the public's point of view, I dont think many people are interested, except maybe the real fanatics in Melbourne who live accross the road from their home ground.

Possibly extend the regular season and hit the ground running??

Who will win, Saints or Swans?

go the swans

Push in the back rule changes?

I think it's a great way to kick off the season. It is beneficial to teams who have had come off a bad year and need success to boost membership numbers, it's a good place to trial new rules and it gives young players some good match practise.

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16 teams, once home, once away - 15 opposition teams, 30 rounds. Pre-season? practice games like the old days.

When you're on a good thing stick to it. Change the rules? Why? Australia is the most multicultural country on earth. Different backgrounds with a passion for the same game. Change the rules to make it appealing to those who don't understand it. Selling out the locals I say! Go the grass-roots.

Here's a thought.

Bring back the rules Ted 'Mr Football' Whitten played by.

Go Dons! Cheers, L

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I think it should be. The teams don't take it that seriously - why would you want your entire team in their prime at the start of the season (it means you'd have to have them training for months longer) and you risk injury and stress on players early on. Best to work them all up to the finale at the end of the season.
It's like trying to do the splits without warming up!

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