Wasn't it great to se the dirty dogs humiliated?

by the bronco's,it made my night


I want to know what the name of the website is that has a slide show thing and it bags the freo footy club?

YES it was the best bit of TV i think i have ever seen
i just hope the thugs didn't smash up Aussie Stadium or cause to many problems on the train back to Bankstowm but they did i have been told
It was the biggest choke even my throat is sore,all the supporters need to go to there local vet to be put down just like there footy club

Port Adelaide vs Kangaroos?

yeah it was the most funny thing ive ever seen 20-6 @halftime then to loose 37-20 how embarrsing

When did St George last win an NRL Grand Final?

What do people have against the Bulldogs. They boast the best forward pack the NRL has seen in years. The play with alot of skill and raw power.
Most people who rag on the Bulldogs usually do that because they Bulldogs smashed their clubs. Eg. with the Roosters
2002 R19. Bulldogs win 24-12
2003 R9. Bulldogs win 32-26
2003 R.13 Bulldogs win 28-18
2004 R.13 Bulldogs win 40-12
2004 GRAND FINAL Bulldogs win 16-13
2006 R.9 Bulldogs win 30-14
2006 R20. Bulldogs win 25-0

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