Broncos or storm?


Simmo leader??

Im going the BRONCOS all the way
it amazes me how some people say the broncos aren't that good ,but they must be pretty good to be in the grand final.
Go Webke make it a final to never forget seen it is your last one,go out with an almighty bang & stomp all over melbourne storm
Broncos Broncos Broncos yeah!!!!!!

How many teams are in the AFL?

Broncos by a handful of points. It will be a cracker which should be up for either team right down to the final whistle.

Who do you think will win the state of origin this year?

Storm but i wish the broncos well because they got rid of the Bulldogs
Isn't it great to have two quality teams in the final and not 2 overrated teams

Wayne Pearce & Ellery Hanley..?

Broncos or the Storm, who knows? I think it will be a great game to watch. In my mind i think the Storm will be to good as they have played great footy all season also they have half back of the year and coach of the year but hey i could be wrong

VLF/Alf history?


Who won the rugby tonight? Australia or New Zealand?

Storm. They have good players and have a good reputation for winning. They're the underdogs.

Which team did Essendon defeat in 2000 for the premiership?

storm by a country mile that somes it out in only 13 words

Has anyone?


Am i the only one angry with all the new west coast "supporters"?


If you where to bye a football team which one would it be and why?

Storm. Broncos aren't that good. Especially struggling against the buuldogs in the first half. I dont think craig bellamy would allow a second half comeback like the Bulldogs, the Storm to win by 16

When will the AFL finally acknowledge their inferiority to NRL players!?

The team of misfits and regected players from other teams have more to play for. A good team will always beat a team of stars, just take a look at the Ryder cup result to see my point.
Go the storm.

Who played the broncos on the weekend?

broncos will win on the back of experience.

Has this category reached a pass?

Brisbane Broncos!

In afl why do the victorians teams have their premiership wins before afl established.?

Go the Broncs!! If we lose " LOVE " the Storm

From a Queenslander v New South it's a lay-down
Same for the ARL

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