Are You A West Coast Eagles Supporter (Aussie Rules Football)?

If not, then who do you support?


Who do you predict will be the player to watch at the State of Origin and why?


But I am glad that the eagles won if sydney had done it i wouldve shot myself the eagles deserved the win but definitely the Lions for '07!!!

Suspend and fine umpires by video evidence for poor decisions?

Good ol' Collingwood Forever...

Yes, another insane Pies supporter.

If you're an Eagles Supporter, shouldn't you be watching the Grand Final, not be on Yahoo?

Which is your favourite pub to watch to footy and why is it so great?

I'm a Swannies support, but I have to admit that the first half was all West Coast Eagles. Let's see what happens in the second half!

What are your tips for next week's round of AFL?

Come on Swannies! Never say die!
Goals for Hall in Q4 to win it!

I am looking for a picture of Paul Roos (fitzroy days) taking a big mark over John Kennedy jnr?

Ohhh - do you mean Gay FL?

What's gone wrong with the Sydney Swans this year? Can they win the AFL in 2006?

No i don't follow West Coast i really didn't think they could win the odds are always against any team that plays the swans but well done Eagles there is only 1 thing better than West Coast winning by a point and that's the Swans losing by 1pt HA HA

I f u read questions about Australian football u need 2 get a life.?

No I'm a swan through and through. Congratulations on the win though. Wasn't it a great match. Nail biting and oh so close. What more can supporters want. Both teams have great respect for each other, shame most of the fans cannot follow their examples.

Why do Australians refer to American Football as "SISSY" Football?


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