AFL: Who should have won the Premiership? The Sydney Swans or West Coat Eagles?

Question:One point! (In reference to the difference of the scores - not the points you receive...)


Sydney Swans?

My heart broke when the whistle blew. But both teams deserved it for various reasons. This year it was WCE and congratulations. That's the way the ball bounces. Onto next year.

Oh and I was so sad for Goodsie

Be a good sport Daffy, everyone else has been.

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The team that won is the team that should have won. That is how sport works... so West Coast

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well in the first and second quater it was all west coasts way but sydney did a good job at coming back but eagles deserve it because the swans had the easy way out they only had to be 2 teams eagles had to beat 3 so eagles deserve it more

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i was going for the swans, they had an admirable go in the second half, but i think it would have been a 'stolen' win if they had of got up. eagles deserved the victory in the end. lets hope they both get there again next year...

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west coast

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I watch the game and was going for the swans . but they had their chances at goals but missed.

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Well seeing as i didnt see who won, my opinion probably doesnt matter, but i would hope that the swans would have, as they are such a dedicated team....go swans..

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the eagles all the way but u have to admit the swans did well

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It ended just the way it should have, close, with the Swans losing. Perfect :)

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The West Coast Eagles did not deserve it at all. Though they ay have played a good game, Sydney Swans deserved it because on the first half Sydney Swans Sucked(No Offence) but on the second half, they made a good combat and played really well and should have deserved it.

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West Coast won because they were the better team on the day
how funny was it to see the Swans players fall to the ground and cry just like a lot of there fans do
What made the game so enjoyable was they went down by just 1pt and when a certain player gave it to a few fans a couple of weeks ago in Perth that it would turn around on him and his team on the most important day of all
Well done West Coast no body remembers who came second


The Eagles, seeing as how they actually did win. And they did it with so many bad decisions goin the Swans way.

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Fremantle Dockers !!

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oh i was going for sydney swans. just to bad . what a game

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