Has anyone seen a better AFL grand final than todays ? since 1989. that was close !!?


Can west coast make it back to back premierships?

at the last quarter both teams are dogged tired and could not pass/kicked the ball effectively.

Notice that the Eagles pushed all their good and experience players to centre back during the last quarter. That's what held up the great sydney forwards and ultimately won the game.
Glass and Wirrapanda did a great job on Barry Hall.

the umpring was bad and there were many mistakes made by both teams.

did anyone hear Q. Lynch saying "it was fucckkingg awesome" during his live interview? could not believe the networks did not censor it. he's a honest bloke with the gloves trademark.

Licensed premises club rules?

that was an awesome match so intense really wanted to go insane when the eagles won. I go for the lions so my best matches were of course their 3 peat back in the day but today was amazing just the closeness and when the siren went i had a fit, anything to see nsw getting beaten at something

Where can I find the rules for this sport?

Sydney played a great game. We won this time, but it was a good fight. I think both teams should be proud. We flew to Vic last year for the GF and came home through Sydney. It was just awesome. Every one on the plane said it was a great game and that we should be proud of our boys, so I just want to say to the Swans fans. Great game- glad you could be there with us and good luck for next year!

Does anyone know where the AFL Collingwood 2006 Highlights DVD is being sold it's called Access All Areas?

it was that close that it wasn't funny, in the end I thought that the eagles were very deserving winners but commiserations to the swans, they worked hard but just didn't have enough in the end.

and to answer the question that would be almost the best game I have seen since '89 apart from when my bombers won the premiership back in 2000.


Launceston, Tas

Y do people like football SOOO much?

I was at the 1989 Grand Final and the intensity that day was unparalleled. However, the game today was simply fantastic. At the ten minute mark of the first quarter I was afraid Sydney was going to control the tempo all day long. To their credit West Coast settled first, then for the most part controlled proceedings until halftime. Sydney were making the crucial errors and their shooting for goal was letting them down. The third quarter belonged to the Swans, but I felt they were assisted by the umpiring. With the extra weeks rest, Sydney were finishing over the top of the Eagles, but in the end the best team on the day won.

It was the best and most exciting Grand Final since 1989.

Some facts worth noting:
- Chris Judd ended up with 28 possessions (the highest number in the game). He now owns the complete 'footy medals set' with a Brownlow, Norm Smith and Premiership Medal.
- The first one point Grand Final margin since St. Kilda/Collingwood in 1966.
- (I think) John Worsfold becomes the sixth person to captain and then coach a Premiership team.

Who'd you rather have: Laverneus Coles or Joey Galloway?

Sydney!! I was so upset that Sydney lost, but I guess West Coast were the deserving winners, after leading for the first half.

But, I must say, a great comeback by the Swans. Pity a few goals from Barry Hall went missing.

I think Tadhg Kennelly and Ted Richards played excellent games for Sydney, and Adam Hunter and Ben Cousins for the Eagles. Chris Judd was also a standout.

It was a good Grand Final - a nail-bitter to the last minute. Although the result wasn't to my favour, there is always next year... I am still wallowing in my own grief. :)

Why doesnt Collingwood hav a clash jumpa?

Yes great game and well done Eagles


I was devastated when I heard about the scores I am in USA and they didn't televise it here. It would have been awesome!!

Hey, which team are you goIng 4 in the state of origin?

no i havent and it was spectacular since the time adam hunter kicked that goal in the last minute and the swans one point dow that has been the most amazing goals and no Chris Judd hasnt got the complete set of footy medals hes got Brownlow x 1
norm smith x 1 Premiership medal x 1 Coleman medal X 0 but anyway go the bombers wce are my 2nd fav

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