Water carriers constantly on the field of play?

Question:Now I know that playing in the heat, with the players being at risk of dehydration constant fluid intake is a necessity, but shouldnt there be some sort of restriction on the time when support staff can come on the field to bring playrts water?

I was at the Millennium Magic weekend in Cardiff and in almost every game the play was nearly affected by someone in a luminous t-shirt and a bottle of water.. Its not like they choose a break in the game, like scrum or penalty, but run crazily around trying to avoid being flattenned.

Yesterday during the Wigan-Leeds game the ball even hit the poor lass, and altered the flow of the game. SORRY THIS IS IN AUSTRALIAN RUGBY LEAGUE BUT YAHOO DOESNT SEEM TO THINK IT IS PLAYED ANYWHERE ELSE..


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yeah that sucks to many people on the field and if it does change the course of any game then it should be looked at.i think the game gets ruined by all the different trainers and water boy`s/girl`s that seem to have free reign over when they choose to go on the field most of the time its to pass on information to players about hole`s in defences or a change of tactics so keep em off i say

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