Based on this year, who do you think will win the brownlow?

personally id say judd or kerr but what do u think?


How good is lance franklin?

Scott West from the doggies. No questions about that :)

Who will win the Coleman medal this year?

I agree with you, Daniel Kerr would be a favourite and I'd say he would win it, Judd is also a big chance.

Andrew McLeod would be a dark horse to win the Brownlow.

Australian Rules Football?

Brent Stanton or Jonathan Brown

In terms of crowd numbers and TV ratings is which footy code is more popular - Aussie Rules or Rugby League?

RoJo-A-Go-Go (Rowan Jones).

Seriously though, I'll say Gary Ablett Jnr.

Collingwood to win tonight - waddayareckon?

Daniel Kerr at this early stage would be my pick,leading the comp in hard ball gets and second in the possession count

Exactly what is it...?

Yeah I'd agree with you, with Kerr ahead of Judd at this stage. The Eagles players take votes off each other, so with Cousins gone for now, this should help Kerr or Judd.

Goodes is gone for this year being ineligibile.

Third player?! - West from Dogs.

Darkhorse?! - Cousins in 8 Best On Grounds in the final 8 games!! lol - seriously - maybe Gary Ablett Junior (if they make the finals)...

Please note as long as Cats make finals, you'd expect Ablett Jnr to be a big part of it, and the same goes for the West (West always polls well).

Why did they spend $100mill on stadium at GoldCoast, when one already exists?

I think evryone thinks judd and kerr. But looking at my own club, i think harvey and wells will poll well. if we keep winning one of those guys could win. Remember, judd and kerr cant both get 3 votes every week.

We know who the umps are barracking for today. How many soft free kicks are given to Sydney?

Chris Judd or Daniel Kerr probably but we'll see who wins when the brownlow medal count is on tv.

What do you think about the AFL players who tested positive for drugs?

1. Judd - The man is consistent.
2. Kerr - Everyone else thinks so
3. Pavlich - The only thing keeping my mob from wooden spoon and Richmond
(Note these are the best 3 players in the comp)
Dark Horse - Has to be Daniel Cross, 20x better than West, better use of ball and tackler
So long as it isnt the 'Over Rated' clan - Goodes, Riewoldt, Goodwin, Abblet Jr and West

Lions rule yeah?

I agree. Kerr has it in the bag so far.

Ok sports fans... who do you think is the all-time greatest Australian Rugby Union player?

The winner of the Chas Brownlow Medal is..... James Bartel

Who yours fav?

Judd and Kerr are the obvious ones.

One name not mentioned so far who has had a brilliant start to the year is Chad Cornes - he'd be right up there early.

AFL: Who should have won the Premiership? The Sydney Swans or West Coat Eagles?

I think Juddy will win it, but i hope Kerry gets up. Would be even sweeter if it was a tie between them.

Does the nrl taems needs cheergirls when some of the teams are not doing great like the rabbitoh last season?

Lance Franklin, if he continues the way he has been playing in the last few rounds.. I'm sure he will be up there with the counts

Are new teams joining the NRL in 2007?

1. Kerr
2. West
3. Bartel or McLeod

Judd has been consistent but I think Kerr + other eagles have stolen votes of him. McLeod's having a great season for first time in a few years. Scott West- what else can you say? The man deserves a medal, just give him one. Bartel has been a standout for the cats and he's not ugly like lingy.

Is AFL rugby or similiar to football?

I have a few outsiders apart fromt he usual kerr and judd

Check out franklin, mcleod (seriously check his stats) and the always dangerous simon black.

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