Can Geelong win the Premiership?

It's Sad for me to say but i would have to say not this year but we are going to make the finals. Maybe next year have your say.


Why do the irish keep beating Australia in the international rules football games?

can geelong win the premiership...can geelong win a premiership...geelong could not win a premiership with gary ablett! - clubs tend to get their own culture and it becomes their trademark, they along with richmond(clearly) have a real poor one...

for this weeks game-west coast is missing the league's best ruckman in cox(out today) for this game...see if u can knock em off...

when geelong beat's teams that count consistently, week in week out and even when they (geel) are missing good players...then i'll give u andrew's tickets too!! (-:

good luck on the weekend...

Who won the charity shield tonight between dragons and souths? What was the score?

Unfortunately I think you are right.

Geelong appear to be thriving on beating up on the weaker teams, however falling short against the more polished sides.

This week's match against the Eagles will be a good test!

Good luck!

Was Ben Graham a good player in Australia?

only if they move interstate
West Coast or Sydney or Brisbane or Adelaide or Port AGAIN

Parramatta will win?

It depends on next weeks game. If they can beat the eagles I think they'll be in with a chance. But its only a couple of rounds into the season so a lot can change in the next couple of months.

Peyton Manning?

No. 1 thumpind means nothing. Eagles this week should give you a better insight.


Do you think the bombers will get into the top 8 this year. i hope thy do?

This is what I hate; when Geelong win people talk them up saying they're going to win the premiership.
Then we crumble the next game and get beaten.
Just because Geelong had one good game it doesn't mean we'll win the premiership.
Even though I wish we would.

Where can you watch every round of afl for free online?

Sorry my friend it's a one horse race... Go West Coast. If Geelong beat them this w' end i will give you my tickets to the GF

Will Tasmania or the Northern Territory ever get an AFL team?

wow, big call N Andrews. after their win last week geel, will be firing on all fours. but, no they wont win the GF as long as west coast are around.,

What do you think of our chances now?

If they can beat the Eagles this weekend, yes.

If you can beat a team by 157 points, then you can win the flag.

Hello! why do people say things about football when its a good sport.?

dont know if they can but think they will upset the eagels this weekend... after that it is only one game at a time...

oh i think they are still hurting from loosing to the hawks though,,

go the hawks...

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