Can you pick your Origin Teams (both sides)?

Who are your picks for each team... I am interested in seeing who everyone picks.


Im trying to find a wholesale shop in Adelaide at Mawson Lakes area that sells factory 2nd AFL gear dirt cheap

Going on current form (except for Inglis)
1 hunt
2 inglis
3 hodges
4 tate
5 wesser
6 lockyer
7 thurston
8 carlaw
9 berrigan
10 civinoceva
11 thaiday
12 thorn
13 carrol

1 minichello
2 king
3 cooper
4 lyon
5 tahu
6 anaista
7 gower
8 bailey
9 buderus
10 omeley
11 mason
12 n hindmarsh
13 o'donnell

Just speculation mind you ...

Brisbane Lions vs St Kilda?

if they are anything like the test team, just get last years lineup.. sorry, I don't know yet. No disrespect to Qlders, I would be finding it hard on current form.

No ausblue, just yours. hehehehe. you toad.

Does any one go for the sydney city roosters?

Queensland -
FB L.McGuane, M.Michael, C.Bizzell
HB A.Raines, B.Voss, M.Osborne
FO J.Charman, M.Hahn, J.Drummond
CE J.Akermanis, J.Sherman, M.Allan
HF R.Copeland, N.Riewoldt, S.Gilbert
FF R.Hooper, B.Miller, D.Merrett,
Int T.Knobel, T.Williams, B.Moran, C.Stiller

FB B.Dixon, L.Barry, B.Fixter
HB C.Bolton, L.Roberts-Thomson, J.McVeigh
FO J.Koschitzke, B.Kirk, S.Crawford
CE R.Vandenberg, L.Hayes, C.Bruce
HF M.McVeigh, J.Hird, A.Schneider
FF A.Hamill, C.Mooney, N.Davis,
Int R.Hall, B.Staker, H.Playfair, D.Solomon

That is a very impressive NSW line-up. With such a strong midfield, it would be great to see them take on Victoria at Telstra Stadium or the M.C.G.

Who else thinks Ben Cousins is a total loser?

I really don't care as long as they don't include that dooshbag Brett Hodgson from the Tigers again!

Will South Sydney be successful in the next couple of years now Russell Crowe owns the club?

all the broncos

Who will win, Hawks or Eagles?

Welll, I don't know who's up for selection, but I think (and it's pretty similar to last year lol):

QLD (got some really good players, but the backrow...)
1. Hunt
2. Rogers
3. Hodges
4. Tate
5. Inglis
6. Lockyer (c)
7. Thurston
8. Price
9. C Smith
10. Civonoceva
11. Thaiday
12. Webb
13. Carroll
M Bowen, Berrigan, Thorn, Flannery

NSW (lots of forwards, but the halves need work)
1. Minichello
2. King
3. Cooper
4. Lyon
5. Tahu
6. Gidley
7. Gower
8. Kite
9. Buderus (c)
10. O'Meley
11. Mason
12. N Hindmarsh
13. Maitua
Simpson, Farah, Bailey, Bird

And yeah, it is just speculation...
Also pondering El Masri, is he up for selection?

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