Apart from being soft, Does anyone know what is wrong with Nigel Lappin?

The one who plays for the Lions, NOT the one that plays for the blues...


In the 1987 state of originon june 16, who was named the MUD BROTHERS?

He has a corked thigh, Luke Hodge from Hawthorn kicked him in the thigh and caused the damage. And have you ever watched him play when he isn't injured, he IS NOT SOFT...would you call someone who plays a grand final and is one of the best on ground in that game, with a broken rib and punctured lung soft.

Who is going to win the 2007 State of Orgin? The Maroons or the blues?

matt plays for the blues, the fact he plays for brisbane is bad enough

"where are the Kangaroo's on the footy ladder?"?

I believe the biggest problem is the increased pressure he now recieves from opposition taggers since the departures of Jason Akermanis and Michael Voss. With those players even Des Headland looked like a superstar when he played for Brisbane.

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