Did you watch the ANZAC day footy match?

I watched a bit of it. What about you guys?


Will the sydney swans step up n beat the brisbane lions...?

Hi Katie, Yes I did watch it, it was a good game. I tipped Essendon to win and they started off like they were going to thrash Collingwood. But to Collingwood's credit, they were the better team and they deserve to win. Considering they had a lot of 1 pick players out, Collingwood were fantastic.xxx

Australian rules football...?

Yeh, if you not out at the RSL or something you gotta watch it! I'm a saints man myself, so i'm glad collingwood won! lol
it was a good game too

Should St Kilda sign Wendell Sailor?

Sort of hubby had it on & he wanted the others to win

How much does the AFL coverage suck that some teams have all thier matches free to air and some have none?


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