Collingwood's New "Generation" Captain ?

Could it be that 2007 Anzac Day medal winner Heath Shaw , will become Collingwoods next Captain . It would be a strange twist as well, if the Magpies decide to return to the old tradition of the captain wearing the No 1 guernsey. In 1979 it was Heath's father Ray, when appointed captain, who ended the long running tradition. When Ray Shaw made a special request of the Committee, to allow him retain his number 23 Guernsey, the request was eventually granted, leaving Len Thompson, as the last Collingwood captain to have worn No 1.


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You might be on to something here, Collingwood should go back to the tradition of the captain wearing No 1. And it could be Heath Shaw.

I like to see Dale Thomas be captain, but he may be a little too young for the job.

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I think it is too confusing to change their numbers. The kids know the numbers of their favourite players and have bought the merchandise.
I have to agree with the other comment it would be great to see Dale Thomas but I think that he may just miss out on it. He is still a little bit green, but he is definately gonna be a fire cracker.
I can't help but wonder if maybe we will not see any more games from our fearless leader, Nathan, so the shaw's are probably a pretty safe bet at the moment.

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First of all, Heath Shaw is about the same age as Thomas.
Secondly, doesn't little Leon Davis wear the number 1? And Last but not least, Tarkyn Lockyer will be the next captain.

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It must be a great player that is also good communicator and all the other players and football public can respect (both on and off the field). Dale Thomas possibly in a few years time, but Heath Shaw sounds a little immature at this stage, despite playing well on Anzac Day, he just didn't articulate himself well when accepting the medal.
Maybe one of the co-captains? James Clements...

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