NFL and AFL Super bowl?

HI Im from USA wich is (NFL)were Im from but just wanted to know have you guys ever seen or games and have you guys had a team go to the super back to back more than 4 times and win every super bowls like us if thats what u guyz call it.


Knights VS Bulldogs?

We call it the 'Grand Final'. The teams who play are decieded after 3 weeks of finals. Only the top 8 teams (out of 16) get to play in the finals and it's thought that generally only the top 4 finalists have a real chance at a 'flag' as they get a 'double chance'.

Two teams have played in 7 "Grand Fnals' in a row. Melbourne in the 1950's and Hawthorn in the 1980's.

Collingwood won 4 flags a row in the 1920's, Melbourne won 3 in a row from 1939 - 1941 and 1955 - 1957, Brisbane won 3 in a row in 2001 - 2003. I think another team has also won a hat trick as well. Perhaps Collingwood who won a lot of flags up to 1958 but only 1 since.

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Carlton won 3 in a row. 1906, 07 & 08.

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