Carltons new jumper!?

good or bad? i watched the game live on fox and was so annoyed that this great club decided to throw away all there tradition and play in a all white strip i turned the channel and watched the nrl instead


Who thinks new zealand?

It's a clash jumper... Take your pick as to why there are clash jumpers.

1) Nowadays, with the pristine conditions of the grounds, a roof on one of said grounds, the players have clearly gone as blind as umpires and can't distinguish between their club jumper and the opposition.

2) It's a good revenue raiser for the AFL and AFL Clubs.

Where in the Chicago area can I find Australian-Rules Football on TV?

they threw away tradition when they cheated the salary cap, all teams need an alternate jumper, they made a good choice but the shorts look bad

Anyone know who the geelong football club physio is?

I couldn't agree with you more. I watched the game too, and my first thoughts were, What is Carlton doing?, Why change?
I do prefer Carlton in their tradition jumper. I know, its all about home and away strips, and bringing the game to a level where its respected by all codes of football. Its wrong and but its understanding.

I agree with the skirts comment, The AFL is going that soft, that the players will be wearing skirts.

Anyone know where shane woewoden is playing?

Well I kinda liked the new jumper. Although it made us look like a bunch of umpires, it didnt do us any favors with the real maggots!

Who is your all time favourite indigenious Aussie rules player?

CARLTON totally rox.however not with those retarted jumpers...whoever desined them needs a head change..they totaly was so sad seeing them loosing yesterday...however fevola was pretty good.and hoTT

st kilda are losers


How much does it cost to get into a Hawthorn game??

I like the jumpers. They look really good. But i hate the shorts! What are those blue things on them, hidious.

Bad ref calls against melbourne storm ?

let me just say stkilda arent losers they played fair and well it isn't our fault carlton fight and swear at umps (poor role modelling). l believe that carlton looked good in the alternative strip yet it doesnt seem that carlton and stkilda's jumpers clash?

How many umpires in any sport need lessons on umpiring and eye glasses?

It doesn't matter what strip Carlton plays in, they will always be losers.
If you want to get rid of the alternate strip you can always fight off the AFL with your wooden spoons. (lol)

What sport came first? Rugy league or union?

i totally agree. what is with the white jumpers this year?? they look damn awful on anybody. they have no color at all. who makes these stupid decisions? are the players consulted? im sure they hate wearing white. i bet the players get confused on the field. stick to the traditional colours and get on with the game.

Carltons new jumper!?

Doesn't their team song go "we are the navy blues"? Are they going to change their team song to "We are the all whites"??

Will South Sydney be successful in the next couple of years now Russell Crowe owns the club?

Good Because Carlton needed to wear those jumpers to get out of their famous easy beats jumpers.

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