Do Football Groupies Still Exist?

Question:I watched a documentary that was very interesting on women who throw themselves at football players. They explained that it was a real culture in sport, and while I'm not dumb and know it DOES exist, is it very prominent? Like: If you are a football player, do you see the same girls around all the time? Are they looked upon as cheap? And do they EVER settle into a relationship with players?
I would also like to hear if you are a groupie yourself or have friends that are. I'm curious because as a woman I find it hard to comprehend another woman just being another 'notch in the bedpost', I'm also confused as to whether these women are going to get some of the glory the players have?


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Yeah, i think there must still be some around. I knew a girl who was a Richmond groupie, and worked her way through a few of the players. They had no respect for her at all. She was obsessed with going out with a footballer, it was pretty sad. That was about 8 years ago.

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