Aussie rules footy?

Does anyone out there follow Australian Rules Football.My team is Collingwood


Your favourite AFL Player?

Yes, Aussie Rules is my favourite sport. I support Richmond.

The person above me said the Magpies have the largest fan base. They would be the biggest in Victoria, but the Crows and Eagles would have much bigger fan bases.

Who procrastinates?

LOVE AFL. <3. ♥

Is AFL player Matthew Pavlich croatian?

Sure do, it's the best sport in the world (not a biased opinion at all hehe)! I go for the mighty Dees, even though we're not so mighty at the moment. But we'll be right once we get our guns back, just you wait and see :P

Is Melbourne the sporting capital of the world?

Many people follow Aussie Rules Footy (including me.) I also barrack for Collingwood, though I do think that they need a new coach, because Malthouse has made some shocking decisions. We also need a proper ruckman, as that is an area where we tend to fall short.Collingwood has the largest fan base, and has the most members out of all the Victorian teams.
Most people who live in Victoria follow Aussie Rules, with it dominating the media in the winter, and cricket dominating in the summer. You only have to look at the sport section of The Age to see that it is extremely popular, as the first 10 pages are on the AFL. There are heaps of people that follow the AFL, and apparantly it is the most watched sport in Australia.

Ohh judDd11?

me- I follow the hawks, so do my parents and my grandparents, I am also partial to the lions coming from brisbane...

I guess mentioning that will make sure i dont get best answer due to the hate session between the lions and the pies.. lol

Rugby 06 (PS2) World League question?

Love it, AFL is the best sport ever!! My team is the Brisbane Lions.

Where can i find A.F.L. live stream AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL any help?

yh i love footy its soo cool

Australian Rules Football?

Love footy what can i say, its not a matter of life and death its more important than that.

GO PIES!!!!!

WHO IS PLAYER 35 FOR COLLINGWOOD AFL? pls help urgently!?

Hot Pies!!

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