Can you were supre tights with footy shorts?

well can you and does it look ok


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hmmm.does it look ok? Well, i will say this: it does look acceptable, meaning it's not out of the ordinary or original coz lots of players famous or not do it. Justin Hodges does it and he is emerging as the best centre in the game! Does it look ok? Can you wear tights with footy shorts?? Of course you can, just like you can wear makeup and a pink blouse if you feel like it! No-one can stop you rite? However im wondering if you mean SUPER TIGHTS OR SUPRE TIGHTS? For the former, yes, for the latter..i dunno i never shopped there n i didnt know they sold tights...

Who, in your opinion, is the best looking aussie rules player?

Anything from supre is well . . not that good. Dunno about how they'd look with footy shorts. it probably would depend on the colour of the shorts.
SKINZ with footy shorts look great and i guess they look a lot like tights . . .

Delet cookies?

you got the legs and the butt, go for it...depends on how comfortable you feel wearing them. its comfort not looks.

Was it Brad Godden, Mark Sargent, Mathew Rodwell or Adam MacDougall [more inside]?

If you are built like Willie Mason , you can wear frilly knickers if you like . ( I'm fairly certain Sonny Bill does just that !!)

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