Do you think that des headland was lying about what selwood said just to get out of suspension?


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I think probably Selwood said something about the woman on his tattoo and because it's of Des' daughter he's totally flown of the handle and interpreted what he said as "I had sex with your daughter".

Truth be told I thought his tattoo was of his wife/girlfriend when I saw it from afar on the telly.

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Yes absolutely, thats the type of guy he appears to be!

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I think he may have mis-heard Selwood. Whatever, the fact he got let off was a joke. But he is a dirty player, and will be up there again soon.

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I honestly think he thought Selwood said that (although I remember him trying to punch Kayne Pettifer into 2015 in a game last year - I wonder what he said to Des that night). It's interesting to note that he had neglected to mention that Selwood tried to apologise to him for making him upset, irrespective of what he should/shouldn't say until the tribunal hearing. There was a lot of sympathy votes being built up over the week. He should have been suspended, the AFL has opened up another can of worms here - we'll see this kind of defence used all the time now. (Although in reality this is a decent square up for the horrible tribunal decision against Michael Johnson earlier this year). Either way, it's a great diversion tactic to distract people from the fact that the team everyone had as a red hot flag favourite about 6 weeks ago is 0-3.


We may never know exactly what was said, but I do believe that Selwood did say something that obviously offended and upset Headland especially given the way in which he reacted.

Also Selwood's story was a little inconsistant, at first he denied saying anything, then he said he did say something about the person on the tattoo, but claims he didn't know she was Headland's 6 year old daughter, then when he got off at the tribunal he claims to have not said anything.

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We will probaly never know. But let me pose this question to you Why would headland say this if it wasnt true his daughter is all over the papers and now this will proably lead to bullying by older kids in her school who understan the meaning of this word. I think only a sick person would do that

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des put selwoods life on the line for something he didnt even do and know des gets away free.what was the tribunal thinking.if selwood said that he did say something then mayb des should be let off but selwood was found innocent but des still hit him and was found guilty but no suspension.he owes selwood a bloody big apology

Hello! why do people say things about football when its a good sport.?

yeh i agree i think he misheard him

even if he did say what headland said he said,
thats not a warrant to bash him

selwood had no case to answer
but headland shouldve had about six weeks
or atleast like 3-4
provocation is no bail from an offence
this sets a dangerous precedent

it was a bad decision

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